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Dr. Ruth Campbell
Tel. 0044 1786 474573
Email. ruth@aupairecosse.com

Why use an Au pair agency?

With the advent of the internet it is now possible to bypass agencies and find an Au Pair on one of the many internet sites. This can be risky - the applicants are not vetted, references are not checked and there is no way of knowing how many families the applicant is talking to at any point in time, so they may agree to join a family and then disappear into cyberspace, never to be heard of again ! Many of these applicants are really only interested in finding a placement in London - the majority of our applicants have specifically requested a placement in Scotland and have a good idea of what to expect here.

Furthermore, we endeavour to meet every Au Pair and their host family, help them find a place in a language school and are on hand to sort out any issues as they arise.

Au Pairing in Scotland!

Our Au Pairs consistently say that they find us friendly and easy going as a nation and they love our varied landscapes, which more than make up for the unpredictable weather. As the saying goes - 'if you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes'. Read more...

Au Pairing in the USA!

Go Au PAIR uses a Mutual Match system to help Au Pairs and Host Families find the perfect fit. Host Families review Au Pair applications and contact Au Pairs they are interested in. Before a match is made, Au Pairs will speak with the Host Family and review their application. Read more...


CAPS is a programme designed for young people who would like to spend a year in Spain helping in a school as a Conversation Assistant. Accommodation is paid for and the Assistant will receive an allowance every month. Read more...

Terms & Conditions Of Business For UK Placements

These terms and conditions of business are between R.E Campbell trading as Au Pair Ecosse (the Agent) and the person seeking an au pair (the Client).

1. These terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Client on completion of the agreement form.

2. The Agency operates as an introduction agency between family and au pair. The au pair is not employed by the agency and is under the supervision, direction and control of the employer.

3. The Client agrees to notify the agency as soon as an engagement is accepted, detailing date of commencement and intended length of stay.

4. The Client agrees to pay the Agency fee within 7 days of a job offer.

5. There is a flat rate placement fee of 270 for all bookings of five to seven months and 350 for placements of eithmonths and above. We will be unable to confirm the booking of the au pair until full payment is received.

6. The placement fee for bookings of three months or less than is 190.

7. If the au pair withdraws prior to commencement of employment a replacement will be found by the Agency or the fee will be refunded in full. If the family cancel prior to the au pair commencing work the fee will be refunded in full less a service charge of £50.

8. Invoices not paid within 7 days will be subject to a 5% surcharge for every month overdue.

9. If, within the first 28 days of arrival, the au pair proves unsuitable, the Agency will undertake to provide one free replacement as soon as possible. This offer is subject to the proviso that Au Pair Ecosse accepts the reasons for the Au Pair’s unsuitability. Should the Agency fail to find a replacement within a 30 day period, a refund will be made less £50 administration charge, (unless there has been misconduct on the part of the family, in which case no refund or replacement will be offered). In the above circumstances the Client must notify the Agency in writing within the 21 day period, stating the reasons for dissatisfaction with the placement.

10. Once the au pair has arrived to stay in the family, it shall be agreed that termination must be by two weeks notice by either party. In the event of serious misconduct by one of the parties, the other party shall be entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect provided that, should the misconduct be on the part of the au pair, the Client shall be responsible for providing appropriate accommodation for a period of four days from the date of termination.

11. The Agency will endeavour to introduce suitable applicants as au pairs, references will be checked wherever possible, but it is the responsibility of the Client to be satisfied as to the suitability of the applicant.

12. The Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, expense or injury resulting from an introduction by the Agency to the Client.

13. The Agency shall not be responsible or liable for any breach by the au pair of the terms of engagement or for any other act or omission whether wilful, negligent or otherwise.

14. All information provided to Clients is confidential. Clients transferring information supplied by the Agency and resulting in the engagement of an au pair by a third party will be liable to pay the full fee for that engagement. All records, documents and information submitted will be treated as confidential and remain the property of Au Pair Ecosse We will only keep your personal details for as long as necessary for these purposes and in accordance with our data retention policy. Our policy is to keep data for no more than three years from the date of submission to us.

15. The family should notify the Agency of any changed circumstances or variation to their requirements and discuss the implications with the Agency and the au pair.

16. The Agency has the right to remove an au pair from a family failing to follow the guidelines or terms and conditions or for giving false information when registering. In these cases, no refund will be available In the event the au pair leaves the Family for her/his personal reasons earlier than originally proposed, Au Pair Ecosse cannot be held responsible.

17. Please read the terms and conditions prior to accepting an au pair placement - no variation can be made to these terms without the written consent of R.E.Campbell

18. Au Pair Ecosse reserves the right to use its discretion in any situation not covered in this document.

19. Please make cheques payable to ‘Au Pair Ecosse’

All Families are also responsible for meeting the Au Pair at her/his point of arrival in the UK. It is the responsibility of the family to protect the Au Pair in their care from accident and illnesses by means of comprehensive home insurance. If an Au Pair is required to drive in a Family, it is up to the Family to provide adequate car insurance and driving lessons (if necessary) at the expense of the host family.

Any contract between AuPairEcosse.com and the Family is subject to the Law of Scotland and all disputes arising out of any such contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Scotland.

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Au Pair Ecosse
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