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Dr. Ruth Campbell
Tel. 0044 1786 474573
Email. ruth@aupairecosse.com

Why use an Au pair agency?

With the advent of the internet it is now possible to bypass agencies and find an Au Pair on one of the many internet sites. This can be risky - the applicants are not vetted, references are not checked and there is no way of knowing how many families the applicant is talking to at any point in time, so they may agree to join a family and then disappear into cyberspace, never to be heard of again ! Many of these applicants are really only interested in finding a placement in London - the majority of our applicants have specifically requested a placement in Scotland and have a good idea of what to expect here.

Furthermore, we endeavour to meet every Au Pair and their host family, help them find a place in a language school and are on hand to sort out any issues as they arise.

Au Pairing in Scotland!

Our Au Pairs consistently say that they find us friendly and easy going as a nation and they love our varied landscapes, which more than make up for the unpredictable weather. As the saying goes - 'if you don't like the weather, just wait ten minutes'. Read more...

Au Pairing in the USA!

Go Au PAIR uses a Mutual Match system to help Au Pairs and Host Families find the perfect fit. Host Families review Au Pair applications and contact Au Pairs they are interested in. Before a match is made, Au Pairs will speak with the Host Family and review their application. Read more...


CAPS is a programme designed for young people who would like to spend a year in Spain helping in a school as a Conversation Assistant. Accommodation is paid for and the Assistant will receive an allowance every month. Read more...


Go Au Pair

Benefits of the Au Pair Experience
Living in the U.S. as an Au Pair offers many unique benefits not found in other cultural exchange programs. Making new friends, improving your English, furthering your education and great pay are just a few of the many benefits of the Au Pair program.

As an Au Pair, you live with a Host Family and provide full-time, live-in child care. You are an integral part of the family, a friend and teammate to the Host Parents and a big brother or sister to the children. Au Pairs are encouraged to participate in family events and outings so you may learn more about U.S. culture through firsthand experience.

There are many opportunities to make new friends while in the U.S. and one of the easiest ways is with the other Au Pairs in your area. All Au Pairs living in the U.S. have a Local Area Representative who is responsible for scheduling activities. All the Au Pairs in the local area attend, so you learn more about the U.S. while meeting new people.

The education component is an important part of the Au Pair program. All Au Pairs are required to take classes at an approved and accredited university while in the U.S. You can choose any subject you would like to study, as long as it is through an accredited university. The amount of credits required varies depending on the Au Pair program in which you participate. The education component is also a great way to make new friends.

As an Au Pair in America, you earn a weekly stipend of $195.75 – that is $10,000 a year! You also receive an educational allowance of up to $500 towards your educational requirement. You have a great time experiencing the U.S. while earning a great weekly stipend.

In addition to living in a local area in America, you have the opportunity to travel throughout the country. Each Au Pair receives two weeks of paid vacation during their year and a 30-day grace period at the end of their year specifically for travel within the U.S. To help Au Pairs travel, Go Au Pair developed the Bed and Breakfast program where participating friends and families of the Au Pair Program across the country provide travelling Au Pairs with accommodations for the night and breakfast in the morning. You also receive a basic traveler's health insurance during your time with the Au Pair program and your return flight to the USA will be paid by the agency, so long as you complete your 12 month placement. There is also the possibility to extend your visa by a further 12 months, continuing with the same host family or switching to another one by going through the matching process again.

How much does it cost?
There is no fee payable to the agency in the UK. You will only need to pay for the interview at the US embassy in London/Belfast or Dublin, currently $160 and the cost of getting there.


Gain valuable work experience while caring for the children in your Host Family. After your year with the Au Pair program, you receive a certificate of completion showing your successful completion of the Au Pair program. The experience you gain as an Au Pair in America is a valuable resume builder and a great way to show future employers you are dependable and hard working.

Choose Go Au Pair
With so many choices, why choose Go Au Pair as your Au Pair sponsoring agency? Well, we ask you… Why wouldn’t you? With over 20 years of Au Pair program experience; we know how to make your experience in the United States an experience of a lifetime, filled with fun, learning and great friendships.

Mutual Match - You have a Choice
Based on our years of experience, Go Au Pair’s exclusive Mutual Match system helps Au Pair and Host Families make the best match possible.

Go Au Pair displays your profile to the maximum amount of families to help increase your chance of finding a match. Unlike other Au Pair Agencies, we don’t limit the number of Au Pairs a Host Family can review at a single time. This means your profile is available to numerous families at one time, greatly increasing your chance to match.

Get Searched

Go Au Pair also places your profile in our online Host Family portal helping our families find the Au Pair that best fits their needs. Go Au Pair's online Host Family Au Pair search function provides Host Families with instant access to your profile. Potential Host Families can create their own custom searches based on your personal preferences including:

* Child care experience
* Nationality
* English skills
* Languages spoken
* Age
* Driving abilities
* Education
* And More!

Host Families have access to detailed information about your child care experience, hobbies and talents and can even read quotes from your references.

Local and Corporate Support
You won’t find a more dedicated support team in the Au Pair program. Go Au Pair’s friendly corporate staff is always available to answer any question you have. However, your greatest resource is your Local Area Representative. Living within an hour of your Host Family’s home, your Local Area Representative is not only close by, but also a valuable friend and mentor. Many of our Local Area Representatives are former Au Pairs, so they know what you are experiencing and know how to help.

Support from International Representative
Your International Representative in your home country is also an important part of your support. They support you with comprehensive initial screening, managing expectations, training programs and helping you to have the best possible chance of receiving a visa. They are also available during your year if you have any questions you need answered.

Call us today on 01786 474573
Email. ruth@aupairecosse.com

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